The project

In order to create a gentler shelter environment for the approximately 5,000 animals that come through the Eastern Townships SPA’s doors each year, we needed an innovative, intelligent design that focused on the animals’ well-being above all else.

Reduce stress

With brighter, larger, and better insulated spaces designed to meet the needs of each species, the new shelter fosters natural behaviour in the animals and reduces the number of stressors.

Improve quality of life

The animals’ well-being and comfort are improved through new facilities, such as indoor/outdoor enclosures that enable dogs to go outside whenever they like; spacious, compartmentalized cat cages that allow cats to feel more in control of their environment; and five cat rooms for climbing, playing, and socializing.

Facilitate adoptions

Because it’s important to get to know one another before making a lifelong commitment, animals and their potential future families have now the opportunity to interact in warm, cheerful adoption areas and meeting rooms. Qualified, experienced staff is on hand to help adopters make informed choices and guide them through the process.

Support families

Located at 145 Sauvé Street in Sherbrooke, near a public transit line, the new shelter is more user-friendly and accessible to individuals and families who want to strengthen the bonds between themselves and their pets. The building contains spaces for conducting animal behaviour assessments and a multi-purpose room for lectures and workshops for the public.

Go green

Constructed from recycled materials on a site that was specially selected to avoid destroying natural habitats, the new shelter is surrounded by landscaped green spaces planted with trees and shrubs for shade. The building complies with biosafety standards in order to avoid cross-contamination between animals and is equipped with environmentally friendly toilets and composting facilities.