The community

It takes an entire community to care for our animals and bring an innovative and inspiring project to life. Operation Gentle Sheltering aims to mobilize generous and compassionate people like you so that we can slowly but surely build more harmonious relationships with the animals.

Allow us to introduce some of our current supporters. Please join them!

High-quality facilities

“I was born in Sherbrooke and I’ve spent most of my life in the area, so I’m honoured to accept the role of campaign co-president. Having worked in agriculture for close to 25 years, I’ve always been concerned with animal welfare, particularly that of cats, dogs, and horses. I’m convinced that with the generous support of our community, we can reach our objective and provide the Eastern Townships SPA with quality facilities that are worthy of its mission.”

Margaret Webster

Campaign Co-president

Do some good 

“Whether we live alone, with a partner, or as a family, our pets play an important role in our lives. They bring us joy and comfort. So, I’m really pleased to join this campaign and support its goal of helping the Eastern Towships SPA to further its mission. Thanks to your donations, the organization will be able to continue to provide excellent services and increase its offering to animal lovers like me. Join me in ensuring that we—and our pets—can benefit from the many services offered by the Eastern Townships SPA.”

Daniel Schoolcraft

Campaign Co-president

An exemplary, responsible organization

“The Eastern Townships SPA is a leader in animal protection. Energetic, innovative, and firmly established in the community, the organization plays a prominent role in the protection and management of animals in the region. It boasts an impressive array of services: providing shelter to animals in need, facilitating adoptions, connecting lost or found pets with their guardians, rescuing victims of neglect and cruelty, dismantling puppy mills, and running education and awareness campaigns. By taking on the role of spokesperson for the public fundraising campaign for the new shelter at the Eastern Townships SPA, I’m joining an exemplary, responsible organization whose team is dedicated to continually improving the services it provides and bettering the lives of animals in need. Let’s give generously and offer the animals a more comfortable environment by building a shelter that reflects all the great work the Eastern Townships SPA does in our community.”

Jean Lessard

Spokesperson and dog trainer


Our donors

  • The R. Howard Webster Foundation
  • The MEG Foundation
  • Barbara and Stephen Allatt
  • Daniel Schoolcraft
  • Various other philanthropic organizations and partners