There’s no such thing as too much kindness, for animals in distress

Twice as spacious and twice as comfortable, the new shelter at the Eastern Townships SPA provide a gentler environment than ever for the lost, injured, and abandoned animals it takes in. Greener and more accessible than before, it forms the heart of the community and enables us to work together to take better care of our animals. Operation Gentle Sheltering: Let’s pull together as Eastern Townshippers to reduce the animals’ stress, improve their quality of life, encourage their adoption, and support the families who take them into their homes.


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Finally Open!

145 Sauvé Street, Sherbrooke

We are happy to announce you that our new shelter is now open! Come visit us and see by yourself all the improvement of this new spaces and how it ameliorates the well-being of all the animals.

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“If you’d seen me when I arrived at the Eastern Townships SPA... 

... you wouldn’t have recognized me! But then, I was given such great care and more attention than I’d had in my whole life and, thanks to the kindness of the humans I met here, I was able to let my true personality shine through for the first time.”

- Jonas




Enables us to buy a window-mounted cat bed.




Enables us to buy a multi-purpose cat carrier, a blanket, a toy, and a scratching post.




Enables us to buy a dog bed, a blanket, a toy, and an interactive feeder.

“It’s a true honour for me to act as spokesperson for the Eastern Townships SPA’s Operation Gentle Sheltering campaign. 

I’m proud to lend my voice to this exemplary, responsible organization whose team is dedicated to continually improving the services it provides and to bettering the lives of animals in need. Let’s offer the animals a more comfortable environment by building a shelter that reflects all the great work the  Eastern Townships SPA does in our community.”

- Jean Lessard, dog trainer

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