A reference organization in Quebec, the Eastern Townships SPA has worked for almost 40 years in 27 regional municipalities to protect animals and promote harmonious relationships between animals and humans.

More than just a shelter, the Eastern Townships SPA offers a variety of services to the citizens of the Eastern Townships.

The shelter

Takes in, lodges, cares for, sterilizes, feeds, and rehomes thousands of animals in need each year while continuing to provide high-quality services with compassion and respect.


Finds loving homes for approximately 2,200 sterilized, vaccinated, and microchipped dogs and cats.


Provides routine and emergency road service. Responds to calls from citizens, enforces municipal bylaws, and rescues animals that are injured, lost, or in distress, day and night, all with the goal of fostering respectful cohabitation between humans and animals.

Pet registration

Assures the safety of cats and dogs by providing pet registration services to 24 municipalities in the Eastern Townships. Thanks to this service, close to a thousand lost pets find their way back to their families each year.


Rescues mistreated and neglected animals, enforces animal protection and welfare laws, seizes animals, carries out investigations and inspections, and lodges formal complaints with the Ministère de la Justice. Takes action where necessary to help animals who have been victims of cruelty.

The shop

Provides all the essentials for keeping pets healthy, plus a few treats for when they deserve to be spoiled.

Animal behaviour consultation service

Provides guidance and advice to guardians of dogs and cats to help them better understand their four-legged friends’ communication methods and maintain harmonious relationships.